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'Gemi' The Live Album


• The Live Album •

Released : October 2018

"In honour of the birth, death & life of our beautiful son, Gemi"

'Sacred Lancashire'Track 4 from 'Gemi' The Live Album

was recorded live at our son's resting place in Lancashire, England.

The music video above culminates with footage of our son, Gemi,

singing with us which also appears on 'Gemi' The Album


40 day crowdfunding

campaign in Spring 2018

successfully raised the

costs to professionally

record & release

'Gemi' The Live Album

Our live recording of 'Mama' in January 2018 for Samsara Sessions was the catalyst to create

'Gemi' The Live Album (above)

Here we are


reaching our 40 day crowdfunding campaign target whilst on our tour of 27 music festivals across the UK!

The majority of

'Gemi' The Live Album

was recorded in June 2018 over 2 days

at The Polygon Studios by Kai Ohio of

The Samsara Collective

Collaborating with

The Samsara Collective

on our project was instrumental in terms of

creating the most loving atmosphere to record this album

in honour of our beautiful son, Gemi.

Gemi- The Live Album -

has also been created in honour of everyone's sorrow and we hope that our music will bring comfort to people who are suffering with grief


is our greatest teacher.

He taught us that

we are all going to die.

He taught us to

live our lives for every moment, to share love and to sing

AHIMSA to all beings

& their babies."

Orion's Law

Track 15 of 'Gemi' The Album

was released on World Animal Day 2018

May All Beings Be

Track 6 of 'Gemi' The Album

was released after the 1st show of the

'Gemi' Album Launch Tour

and documents the performance at

The Deaf Institute, Manchester


All of our merchandise for 'Gemi' The Live Album has been produced using eco-friendly manufacturers based in the UK




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