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The following witness report of the crop circle by 'Goddess On The Loose' epitomizes

the ethos of our creative journey and is the write-up that inspired the name 'Mobius Loop' :

Mobius Loop began on 08/08/08 in Preston (Lancashire)

inspired by a 950ft crop circle created on this date by an anonymous artist(s).

"On the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the twenty first century

the number eight appears in one of the fields of Wiltshire.

The Mobius Loop is an expression of non-duality. It reveals the Unity of all polarities,

creating a state of Oneness, joining the whole and the part, the masculine and the feminine,

expansion and contraction, spirit and matter, etc. Everything is One

and nothing can be separated from anything else. All is completely intertwined, infinitely.

The Mobius Loop is a spiritually significant symbol of balance and union. (Yoga=Union)

The Buddhist philosophy of Tantrism also is expressed by the Mobius Loop shape.

“Tantra” is continuity; the word derived from the root ‘tan’, meaning to extend… extend continuously, to flow, to weave."


Mobius Loop
are on a mission to
raise positive vibrations,
projecting an organic
co-operative voice

for humanist spirituality,
vegan philosophy,
grassroots philanthropy,
true democracy
and alchemical magic,
in the name of the
Hemp Redemption
and the infinite unknown.


Mobius Loop

create gloriously eccentric

philosophical folk stories,

fusing world music and conscious rap

with eruptions of free-form dance

charged with an intimately powerful

and intense energetic live performance

"We are married by our love of philosophical songwriting;
channeling each lyric, melody, rhythm & harmony
& weaving them into the tapestry of our union
which is sanctified by the co-creation of our journey."
Alexander Orion & Rose Orion

MOBIUS LOOP is a self-managed, independent Philosophical folk band
nurtured by singer-songwriter soulmates Alexander & Rose

saudeck background.jpg

Sean O'Hara,

brother of Alexander


'SeanO Bongo'

provides the heartbeat to the Mobius Loop songs

on Percussion & Drums


Special thanks to

artist Paul O'Hara,

Father of

Alexander & Sean

for inspiring the name

Mobius Loop

on 08/08/08

and who's incredible

geometric artwork

inspired us

(Alexander & Rose)

to name our son, Gemi,

after Paul O'Hara's equation :

G = E x Mi

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