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'Gemi' Album Launch Tour 2018

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

The 'Gemi' Album Launch Tour

Mobius Loop's first professional tour of our new album 'Gemi'

∞ 9 UK music venues ∞

- Independently managed and promoted by Mobius Loop -

• Awarded funding from Arts Council England •

Above is a video of 'May All Beings Be' which has become somewhat of an anthem during the tour's shows with audiences unifying together singing the beautiful mantra












"Thank you for such an amazing, incredible night. So much love and beautiful energy.

I didn't want it to end. Can't wait for the Preston show now! The album is incredible!” - Manchester

“Best night of my life"- Glasgow

Beautiful moments with our audiences during the tour!

'Gemi' The Album

is in honour of the birth, death & life of our beautiful son, Gemi

The 'GEMI' Album Launch Tour

is a live performance of the entire 'Gemi' album



(left) this drawing was done by an anonymous artist at our Glastonbury show in The Assembly Rooms and was left under the window wipers of our tour bus for us to find the next day!

"Your music gives me hope that life can go on and we just have to live it for ourselves and those we have lost. Everything you said about grief and losing a loved one just really helped. Hearing someone say how you feel when nobody else understands it is always comforting. So thank you for sharing your music and carrying on." - Hull

“Last night you took us on an amazing journey,

from tears to laughter and joy. I love that Gemi will have his name sang by many.

What an incredible gift you have given to him and his energy." - Birmingham

Our 40 day Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in Spring 2018 successfully raised the costs of professionally recording & releasing 'Gemi' The Album.

The album was recorded Summer 2018 and was independently released the same day of our first show for the 'Gemi' Album Launch Tour in Autumn 2018!

The funds raised help to ensure that the organic T-shirt, the Lyric Book, the Original Artworks and the Album were all produced using eco-friendly manufacturers in the UK.

“One of the most moving gigs I’ve ever been to. There was so much power, beauty, sadness and grace in how they have come through their grief, with such a determination to live fully and celebrate life. Extraordinary vocals, great songs and fab instrumentals ... such talent and utterly unpretentious. Amazing. Go and see them if you can." - Glastonbury

"Mobius Loop creating the perfect atmosphere

for a whirlwind of tears, laughter and dancing."Manchester

"Thank you so much for sharing your heart song last night at the Assembly Rooms.

I was deeply moved by your expression of grief, celebration of love and raw authenticity.

You guys are such a beautiful couple and what you are doing

with your life circumstances is so inspiring, brave and remarkable.

So here's a huge Thank You from my heart to yours” - Glastonbury


- The Live Album -

was launched on the 1st date of the 'Gemi' Album Launch Tour

The names of everyone who supported our crowdfunding campaign are printed on the album artwork

"Tonight I got to share a beautiful experience.

To go to a gig is always wonderful but to go to one with such meaning,

oneness and to spread the message of a beautiful boy Gemi, it was humbling.

It was such an honour to be able to hear the album and share in love." - Hull

"There is something so profoundly

magic and mind blowingly cosmic

when the potent alchemy of awakened divine masculine and feminine come together to

co-create and birth absolutely authentic beautiful art and music into this world,to bring hope and light by lifting the energy of the peopleand showing them that this is possible and that we too can uphold such grace, love and

appreciation for one another.

Music is what connects us all and its definitely keeping these guys so intertwined and moving

in the wondrous path of great spirit.

Well done to you both for never giving up and for

not allowing life's strife and challenges to rot what you

have and the magic that has weaved you together, for valuing each other and crowning one another in such glory.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, your truth, your everything.

You shine so bright.

Eternally grateful ♡ thank you for your performance yesterday and making my son feel so special by gifting him a CD." - Glastonbury

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