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Mobius Loop are a Gypsy Folk Conscious Rap Performance Art Band

On A Mission To Unify In Peace & Harmony through Positive Vibrations


tour of 27 UK MUSIC FESTIVALS during summer 2018


Independently Managed concert tour of 9 UK music venues

 for new album 'GEMI'

NEW ALBUM 'GEMI' is a celebration of life exploring Grief & Healing


In Spring 2018 MOBIUS LOOP launched a 40 day crowdfunding campaign that successfully raised the costs to professionally record and release their 2nd Live Album in honour of the

birth, death & life of ALEX & KATIE'S son, GEMI.

'GEMI' the live album was recorded with THE SAMSARA COLLECTIVE during summer 2018 and released in autumn 2018 in time for the

'GEMI' album launch tour which received ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND funding to tour 9 music venues across the uk.

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Short Bio

Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric gypsy folk stories,

fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance

charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance.

Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations,

projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality,

vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic,

in the name of Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown.

Origin : Preston, UK

Genre : Gypsy Folk / Conscious Rap

Years Active : 2008 - Present

Official Website : www.mobiusloop.co.uk